Shipping & Loading

Shipping & Loading


We can arrange shipping worldwide hassel free, just let us know what port you would like the truck shipped to and if you would like it loaded with anything and we will get you a quote.


We can load cars, 4x4s, trucks, pallets etc on the back of our trucks/trailers as long as it meets the shippers lashing and dimension requirements.


If you choose for us to do the shipping, no VAT will be charged, once the truck has been shipped and we receive Bill of Lading, we will DHL you all the vehicle documents and the Bill of Lading. If you are doing the shipping yourself we will charge you VAT which will be refunded as soon as you supply us with the correct Bill of Lading.

If you cannot provide us with the correct Bill of Lading, VAT Number or stamped CTN certificate then we cannot deal with you!

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